Bingo Records: Featuring our latest children's music CD - "Beatles Hits For Kids"
Fun and Games: Beatles Coloring Book, Info About the "Beatles Hits For Kids" CD and Much More! Shop online for children's music CDs, Posters, Toys, Books and Much More! Retailers and Reps Click Here Bingo Records - Beatles, Motown and More: Rave Reviews and Press
Bingo Records: Featuring our latest children's music CD - "Beatles Hits For Kids"
Fun and Games: Beatles Coloring Book, Info About the Beatles Hits For Kids CD and Much More!
About Bingo Records: children's music CDs, Posters, Toys, Books and Much More!
About Bingo Records: children's music CDs, Posters, Toys, Books and Much More!
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The Bingo Kids Sing "Beatles Hits For Kids!"

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Why should I buy “The Bingo Kids Sing” from Bingo Records? Why not just play the original recordings by the original groups?

Research has consistently shown that kids love to hear other kids singing. Our recordings are not intended to replace the originals. They are simply a fun and family friendly way to introduce kids to these great songs. One of our customers says it best: “While the original recordings of these songs are my preference, that wasn't the case with my four year old. She didn't take to the originals. So these versions provided the necessary gateway to the originals. The songs are recreated very faithfully, but with children singing. This was what was needed to create the interest for my child.”

We love the original versions of all of our songs. We believe that our records are the best way to introduce children to the magic of these songs in a way both kids and grown-ups can enjoy. It is the joyous sound of children’s voices with impeccably created music tracks that makes products from Bingo Records the perfect bridge for children to listen to the classic songs of all time that you already know and love.

How is the “Bingo Kids Sing” series any different from the other kids sing-along records on the market?

The simple and first answer is quality. At Bingo Records, we are huge fans of all the music we recreate. We treat this music with the utmost respect. The underlying music sounds as close to the original recordings as possible, using period authentic instrumentation and production techniques. Our records are not made using a keyboard in someone’s basement. Our recording budget is equivalent to the creation of a real adult record. Kids deserve to listen to music made with care and quality as much as adults do. This is a difference you can literally hear. We invite you to listen side by side to one of our records and any one of our competitors and we guarantee you will hear the difference. As Kathy O’Connell, host of the award winning Kid’s Corner radio show said upon hearing our albums: “This is production George Martin [The Beatles producer] himself would be proud of.”

As for other children’s music, we certainly recognize that there is a place for nursery rhymes and sing-along kiddie songs with puppets and characters. We also recognize and appreciate the many wonderful original recording artists for children. But, we all know that kids love to listen to the same songs over and over. At Bingo Records, we create albums that both kids and grown-ups can enjoy together. We have received countless testimonies from our customers telling us how much they enjoy listening to our music even without their kids.

An equally important reason is trust. We carefully select our music to make sure that the songs are thematically and lyrically appropriate for children of all ages. This is just not the case with some of our competitors whose records include songs with racy titles, themes and lyrics.

Bingo Records is quality you can hear and choices you can trust.

Don’t Feed Kids Junk Music!


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Bingo Refund & Return Policy

  1. Defective Products - Even though you are actually purchasing CDs through our trusted fulfillment partner CD Baby, Bingo Records stands behind our products, and we will gladly replace any defective product directly if you cannot obtain satisfaction from CD Baby. If your product is defective, you may return it to us within 30 days from the date of your delivery, provided that include the CD Baby invoice as proof of your purchase. Provide us your address, and we will send you a replacement product at no additional charge. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the product back to us, and we cannot refund any original shipping and handling charges. Sorry, but in the highly unlikely event that your iTunes download is defective, you must resolve that issue directly with iTunes.

  2. Products Damaged in Shipping - Please consult the policies of our trusted fulfillment partner CD Baby, which may be found on their website: Those policies will apply.

  3. If you are still unhappy about something…please contact us, and we’ll try to make you happy. Our phone number is 215-413-3686 or you can email to .

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Since you are actually purchasing CDs though our trusted fulfillment partner CD Baby, the shipping policies and rates used by CD Baby will apply. CD Baby offers reasonably priced options for both standard and expedited shipping to locations throughout most of the world. Policies and rates may be found on their website:

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