Bingo Records: Featuring our latest children's music CD - "Beatles Hits For Kids"
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Bingo Records: Featuring our latest children's music CD - "Beatles Hits For Kids"
Fun and Games: Beatles Coloring Book, Info About the Beatles Hits For Kids CD and Much More!
About Bingo Records: children's music CDs, Posters, Toys, Books and Much More!
About Bingo Records: children's music CDs, Posters, Toys, Books and Much More!
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The Bingo Kids Sing "Beatles Hits For Kids!"
About The Beatles Songs on Beatles Hits For Kids
  1. She Loves You – This is the quintessential early Beatles song. The fun and upbeat groove should get your children up and dancing in no time. The “Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs” are especially fun to sing along to. This song was The Beatles’ first truly huge hit and remained England’s highest selling single of the 1960’s. For the kids, we think of She Loves You as a mother loving her children.
  2. Twist And Shout – The only cover song on the The Bingo Kids Sing Beatles Hits For Kids. It was originally done by the Isley Brothers, but it was John Lennon’s raw vocal that made the remake huge. We think our Bingo Kids (led by Jim Boggia on adult lead vocal) really captured that energy.
  3. All You Need is Love – One of our favorite songs on the album. The original was recorded for the first ever live world TV broadcast in 1967 (on “Our World”). The simple message of “Love, Love, Love – All you need is Love” is obviously a lyric that all children and parents can enjoy together. By the way, we really think our musical and production team nailed the complicated string and horn instrumentation at the end. It took The Beatles a whole room full of people to create this sound- we did it with two :-)
  4. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – This song’s lead vocal features our own Marissa Crowe, age 14. We think she completely conveys the upbeat energy that Paul McCartney wrote about in this bouncy story of Desmond and Marty Jones.
  5. Love Me Do – We counted. The word “Love” appears in this song 21 times. Certainly a great refrain for a children’s album. The song was the first Beatles hit. As a matter of fact, The Beatles’ producer, George Martin, did not even let Ringo Starr plays drums on the original recording, as he did not yet trust his drumming skills.
  6. Penny Lane – This is a story of Paul McCartney’s childhood. Striving to write a song about his youth, he recalled (and made up) scenes involving the banker who did not wear a mac (raincoat), the barber and the fireman. For us, this wonderful melody captures the style of middle-period Beatles music.
  7. Your Mother Should Know – Paul McCartney had a string of “dance hall/cabaret tunes” that hearkened back to his father’s music in his youth. These songs included Your Mother Should Know, When I’m Sixty-Four, and Honey Pie. This song with its lyric – “Let’s all get up and dance to a song that was a hit before your mother was born, though she was born a long long time ago – your mother should know” was a natural selection for this album.
  8. Eight Days A Week – As usual, the song is track number eight on the record. Just as it is on Beatles For Sale and The Beatles #1 albums. As Scott Bricklin said during the recording of The Bingo Kids Beatles Hits For Kids, “The Beatles worked eight days a week, we have to work nine days a week just to try and sound as good as The Beatles.”
  9. Yellow Submarine – Another obvious choice for the album. This was the title track of The Beatles cartoon movie involving the fab four issuing forth from Pepperland to battle The Blue Meanies (and by the way, does anyone remember The Beatles animated cartoon show?). The song was specifically written to be easy for children to listen to and sing along with. Ringo’s voice is particularly child-like and easy to follow. One of our kids’ favorite parts is in the middle section when “the Captain” (played on our CD by Jim Boggia) shouts “Drop The Cable! Drop The Cable!” Listen for it.
  10. Octopus’s Garden – Another obvious choice. This one is sung by our own Ringo Starr, Bingo Kid Robert Pellechio, Jr. One of Ringo’s few original compositions played on a Beatles’ records (Abbey Road), he wrote it after being told how an octopus creates a garden in its sea home made of shiny objects in the water. Try making a home octopus’s garden as a project with your child. What do you think might go in it?
  11. I Want To Hold Your Hand – This is the song that drove Beatlemania to unprecedented heights. I Want To Hold Your Hand was The Beatles first number one hit in America. We like to think of a child holding hands with his / her parents. Remember, with your love, I can’t hide- I can’t hide – I can’t hiiiiiiide!
  12. When I’m Sixty-Four – A group ensemble featuring all of The Bingo Kids and ending with an especially cute and poignant “when I’m sixty-four” from Danielle Gansky, who will be sixty four years old in only fifty seven more years.
  13. Hello, Goodbye – This is just a fun song that we all love. The word opposites in the lyric are great fun for kids. See if they recognize the back and forth in “Hello – Goodbye, Stop – Go, Yes – No”, among others. For some reason, two of the Bingo Kids (Laura and Marissa) thought the backing harmonies to the chorus sounded a little like a Campbell’s Soup Commercial. We still like them even though we think they’re pretty goofy.
  14. Here Comes The Sun – Just a beautiful song by George Harrison. The Abbey Road album was just such a transcendent songwriting moment for “the quiet Beatle” as he created two of the most beautiful songs in The Beatles catalog – “Something” and “Here Comes The Sun.” The kids all seem to love this happy melody and joyful lyric about the sun coming out. We were all greatly saddened by George’s passing. During the course of the recording of this album, three of our friends gave birth to baby boys, two with the first name of Harrison and one with Harrison as a middle name - all in tribute to George. They are beautiful kids, and we only hope that they experience the joy that shines forth in George’s music as they grow.
  15. Golden Slumbers – Our favorite lullaby. Good night Bingo Kids.

Stay tuned after the songs end to hear the Bingo take on a famous John Lennon quip from the roof of Abbey Road Studios after the Let It Be concert recording of the song Get Back.

(And, by the way, check out for the next of many one-of-a-kind children's music cds to come: The Bingo Kids Sing Beatles Hits For Kids, Volume 2, COMING SOON!)

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