Bingo Records: Featuring our latest children's music CD - "Beatles Hits For Kids"
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Bingo Records: Featuring our latest children's music CD - "Beatles Hits For Kids"
Fun and Games: Beatles Coloring Book, Info About the Beatles Hits For Kids CD and Much More!
About Bingo Records: children's music CDs, Posters, Toys, Books and Much More!
About Bingo Records: children's music CDs, Posters, Toys, Books and Much More!
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The Bingo Kids Sing "Beatles Hits For Kids!"
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The Bingo Kids Sing Beatles Hits For Kids Volume 2

After the series of amazing, classic songs that we chose for The Bingo Kids Sing Beatles Hits For Kids: Volume 1, we were concerned about how many “kids music appropriate” Beatles’ songs would be left for The Bingo Kids Sing Beatles Hits For Kids: Volume 2. So we had Beatles listening week here at Bingo Records and went through the entire Beatles catalog from Meet The Beatles through Let It Be. As you might imagine, there were more than enough spectacular songs for Volume 2, and many more left over for future volumes also! The Beatles’ catalog is filled with an almost infinite series of gems, and these are the ones we mined for our second Beatles release:

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
With A Little Help From My Friends
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
– When you hear the first three songs off of The Bingo Kids Sing Beatles Hits For Kids: Volume 2, you might think that you are listening to the special children’s music version of what many have called the greatest album ever recorded: The Beatles’ classic album released in 1967, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. We did this intentionally, and it was a lot of fun to pull off. Paul McCartney first came up with the idea of being an imaginary band, and the name of this band came during a trip: looking at the condiments on a table he said “salt and pepper”… “Sgt. Pepper” and history was made. We love the transition into With A Little Help From My Friends, and what a great refrain for children: I get by with a little help from my friends, sung by our own young Beatle, 17-year-old James Bazik. Finally, we came to a true children’s classic: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. Many have guessed incorrectly about the genesis of this tune. The actual inspiration came from none other than John Lennon’s son Julian who brought home a crayon picture drawn in school. It showed a classmate in a floating balloon, flying through a sparkly sky. When asked what it was, Julian referred to his classmate Lucy and told his songwriting father that it was “Lucy, in the sky, with diamonds”. Here’s a fun project for you and your kids: tell them the story and have them draw a picture of Lucy; or even better, have them make their own colorful drawing and try to write song lyrics or a poem out of it. Who knows, you and your child could be creating a new classic!

Help! – A great song written by John Lennon. Our version is sung by one of our star vocalists, Marissa Crowe (who handled the lead on Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da on The Bingo Kids Sing Beatles Hits For Kids: Volume 1). Marissa also stars in our live show, seen on NBC TV and at festivals. This is one of the show-stoppers. We particularly love the irony of the kids singing the line: “When I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody’s help in any way”

Drive My Car – A fun early Beatles song with James and Phyllis Heitjan (who was the star of our Motown record) handling the harmonies. We are sure that your kids will love to sing along to “Beep beep, mm-beep beep, yeah!”

And Your Bird Can Sing – Another fun early Beatles song with a great lyric all about how material goods mean nothing when compared to the love and friendship of your companions. This one is the smashing debut lead vocal of Laura Warren, who has sung on all of the “Raise Them On The Classics” Bingo records.

Rock and Roll Music – The only song on this album not composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. When the band first started out in the early 60s, they were essentially a party band, playing raucous rock and roll covers by their heroes like Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers and this one by one of the early rock and roll pioneers, the incomparable Chuck Berry. This is just one fun song to bounce along to. The Beatles sure had fun performing it and we hope you have as much fun listening to our version.

All Together Now – This song, found on The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine Album is chock full of toddler friendly lines and imagery with its repetition of the alphabet and numbers as well as the funny child-like sound effects. The vocal on this one is handled by none other than Robert Pellechio, Jr who also sang the lead on Octopus’s Garden on The Bingo Kids Sing Beatles Hits For Kids: Volume 1.

We Can Work It Out – “Life is very short and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friend” - Another great philosophy of life thrown out in one line by John Lennon. The lead vocal on this one is taken by Scott “The Beatle” Bricklin, who played all the instruments on these tracks (for more info on this, click here), with our Bingo Kids providing the kid friendly back-up sound with their stellar vocals.

I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
Any Time At All
– These are two early Beatles songs that were not as well known as some of their big hits, but the great rhythms and happy lyrics make them perfect for your kids to sing and dance along to. Not to keep quoting lyrics, but is here is another line just perfect to describe the relationship of a parent to child: “Any time at all, all you have to do is call and I’ll be there.” Indeed.

Can’t Buy Me Love – A thematic follow-up to “And Your Bird Can Sing”- The Beatles now answered the lyrical thought expressed in the cover song “Money (That’s What I Want)”. This vocal is ably handled by the full compliment of Bingo kids singing together, their voices blending in perfect Beatle harmony.

Blackbird – This is a beautiful simple melody with its instantly recognizable guitar line (which by the way, Paul McCartney came up with while trying to copy a Bach melody line – check out the song “Jenny Wren” on Paul’s new album as a natural successor to “Blackbird”). A good song to use to use to teach your kids how to whistle and make bird sounds!

Good Day Sunshine – Just a fun song, with a great vocal performance by Erik Rudofker. The inspiration here was Paul’s desire to write a song like The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Daydream”. This is a fun one to play on a rainy day to get the kids thinking about what they can do outside next time it’s sunny.

Across The Universe – There are so many versions of this song that we had trouble deciding which one to model our version on. There is the original Let It Be version, the Let It Be…Naked version, acoustic versions and others. We decided to take the middle road and use those elements of each that we like best. Marissa Crowe sings this version along to the absolutely gorgeous music composed by the great John Lennon. Enjoy!

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